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Dear Wild Web Products, I did sort of an experiment with growing the Echinacea flowers from seeds and made the following observations. I think I found a way to grow them better than the method on your home page of the echinacea seeds web page. I did this experiment in early May and I live in Florida. The seeds were for the Echinacea Pupurea and Echinacea White Swan flowers.

Method 1. I just placed them in on the ground outside and barely covered them letting nature try to grow them. This resulted in poor results and after a few weeks I still to see any of the seeds germinating.

Medthod 2. I put them in a dark location and kept the growing soil moist. They were in divided biodegradable holders and the seeds were barely covered. After a few days I did get some results but only about 30%.

Method 3. I put them in light in growing soil and kept the soild moist.The seeds were placed in a similar way which is barely covered by soil and in divided biodegradable holders. I have seen after a few days approximately 50-60% results.

Method 4. This seems by far the best method. I put the seeds in growing soil in the little individual biodegradable little divided growing holders and watered them. The seeds were barely covered with soil in the same method as previous. However, I wrapped them in saran wrap and on a porch without any direct sunlight. I left them for about 3 or 4 days and then checked them. It seems this method produced about 80-95% results. In the future I think this will be my method of growing for these particular echinacea seeds.

Perhaps this info will be helpful to other growers.

Best of luck, Steven Jackson, West Palm Beach, Florida